T-shirt Quilts

Lora's Lighthouse Quilt

Tom's Quilt

Barry's Quilt

Made from 65 tee shirts

Jack's Harley Tee Quilt

Larry's Harley Quilt

Quilt made from Harley Tees

Graduation Quilt

High School Graduation Quilt

Graduation Quilt

High School Graduation Quilt

Nathan's Graduation Quilt

Nathan's Graduation Quilt

Concert Quilt

Couple from Philly

Beth's Daughters Quilt

High School Graduation Quilt

Deb working on quilt

Hanna's Graduation Quilt

Postage Stamp Quilt

6000 pieces

Seaton High Quilt

Wedding Quilt #2

Carolyn's Quilt #2

Throw Quilt

Graduation Quilt

Matt's Quilt

gift of high school memories for a 30th birthday

Graduation Quilt

Graduation Quilt

Graduation Quilt

High School Graduation Quilt

Rose's Memory Quilt

Made from Vacation Tee's

Betsy's Quilt

Betsy's Quilt for Daughter

Rhonda's Quilt

Napa Moons

Special for Niece Sylvia

Karen's Quilt

Nicole's baby quilt and bag

Charter School Quilt

Baby Quilt


The cost of your quilt includes the batting, backing, sashing, quilting, and binding. You may want to use pictures for some panels instead of T-shirt Quilts-We will copy the photos onto material and incorporate into the quilt.  Four 4×6 photos are equal to one panel.  You may wish to use an 8×10 for a panel and these work nicely.  You would include the photos with your shirts or email them to us. You may also want to use both the front and back of the shirt as two panels.  In these cases, please place a safety pin on the back of any shirt you would like to use for a panel. (Some backs are a lot smaller and you may want to use two or three to make up one panel—this is fine). If you have a special T-shirt that you want placed in the middle of the quilt—please pin a note to that T-shirt.  You may also email us any instructions for the placement of shirts if you would like, or we will design. MEMORY QUILTS:  These are priced the same as T-Shirt quilts—and panels are made up of pictures.  You can mix T-shirts and pictures or just use pictures.  These are used many times for graduation gifts, anniversary or wedding gifts, vacation memories or family reunion quilts.

“Don’t Leave Your Memories in a Drawer!” We take your t-shirts hidden your drawers that represent precious memories and make keepsake theme quilts that will be treasured for years to come. They are perfect as gifts for family and friends. Commemorate and honor a family member’s accomplishment or adventure. Great for birthdays, weddings, retirements and holidays.

Sizes and Prices

Pricing includes all materials, fabric, custom machine quilting and personalized embroidery to commemorate your T-Shirt Quilt. Number of shirts is based on 15″ squares. We are the only T-Shirt Quilt Company to be able to offer one price! Our Price for your T-shirt Theme Quilt is ALL INCLUSIVE, including embroidery, sashing, and appliqués.

Color Choice for Sashing

Khaki, Light Gray, Royal Blue, Forest Green, White, Yellow, Navy, Black, Red, Burgundy, Ecru (off white), Denim -light, Denim -dark, or you can provide your own.

Color Choice for Binding & Backing

Black, Red, Navy Blue, Cream, Burgundy, or you can provide your own.

Layout Designs

Example of our standard layout:



# of Panels

Size (W x L)

Mattress (W x L)



Twin 9* 57″” X 76″ 39″ X75″ $207 $15
Full 12* 62″ x 80″ 50 ” x 75″ $276 $15
Queen 16* 84″ x 92″ 60″ x 80″ $368 $15
King 20* 90″ x 102″ 76″ x 80″ $460 $15

NOTE: quilt sizes are approximated based on panel sizes, etc. _may be a bit bigger–Buyer pays Shipping and handling one way and company pays it the other plus insures for price of quilt.

PLEASE CALL US AT 513-237-3951 before ordering.  Many panels may have more than one shirt as they look better -small additional costs are added for patches, etc.  Better to call than contact by email–as securities change and at times email contacts do not reach us.